Heath – 3 bumps – Norland, Stainland, Elland

Stainland Lions Run (one of).
Thursday 26 September 2013
6.25 miles – All on road(-ish)

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6.3 miles. 3x grade 5 hills
Left from Heath. Right at first lights onto Rochdale Rd/B6113 (Climb 1)

0.44miSlight left onto and down Brian Royd Lane

1.6mi Turn right onto Saddleworth Rd/B6114
Regroup at the Branch
1.76mi Left onto Branch Rd/B6114
At junction, regroup.
2.68mi Turn left onto Stainland Rd and on and up Beestonley Ln (Climb 2)
3.58mi Continue onto High St
At top regroup

Across Bowling Green Rd
Slight left and begin descent onto Stainland Rd/B6112
AT Holywell Green, cross by Station Hotel and (4.51mi) right onto and down Station Rd
4.8mi Continue onto and up Broad Carr Ln (Climb 3)
5.09mi Broad Carr Ln turns slightly left and becomes Hammerstone Leach Ln
5.1mi Regroup at crossroads
Left down Hammerstones Rd
5.57mi As Hammerstones Road turns right, Turn left down Hullenedge Ln

5.72mi Turn right down unlit ginnel
At bottom, sharp left then sharp right onto Green Lane
Cross Saddleworth Road with care (don’t just run out onto it)
Right at bottom onto Stainland Rd/B6112
And home

1 Cat 5 0.04 mi/1.29 mi 1.24 mi 256 ft/519 ft 4.0%
2 Cat 5 2.32 mi/3.71 mi 1.39 mi 390 ft/704 ft 4.3%
3 Cat 5 4.82 mi/5.23 mi 0.41 mi 413 ft/472 ft 2.7%

Monday’s Mistake

23 Sep 2013 – Monday’s Mistake
Heath – Long Wl, Jepson Ln, Southgate, Dewsbury Rd, Pinfold Ln, New Hey Rd, Lindley Moor Rd, Haigh House Hl, Kew Hl, Blackley Rd, Hammertsone Leach Ln, Broad Carr Ln, Station Rd, Stainland Rd
8 miles. All paved. Nearly all lit.
2 cat 5 climbs, 1 Cat 4 climb, and Station Rd
Left from Heath and left at lights up Rochdale Rd/B6113 (.38ml) Across scissors and up onto Long Wall (Climb 1)
At top follow Jepson Lane toward Victoria Rd
0.89mi Left onto Victoria Rd, then right along Southgate. At roundabout, best to go round anti-clockwise onto Elland-Riorges Link, then turn right (1.62mi) down onto Dewsbury Rd/B6114
Regroup at the foot of the hill
On and up Dewsbury Road (Climb 2) to the former Rock Tavern on the left at the top.
On, across the road and first right up Pinfold Lane (2.12mi)
As Pinfold turns left before the motorway, go up and over the footbridge onto New Hey Road, left and on and up and over
Regroup at junction (3.12mi) Turn right onto New Hey Rd and into and straight through Ainley Village
At the end, take the path down and to your left to take you right over the bridge and on Lindley Moor Rd/A643 (Climb 3)
Regroup and Turn right onto Haigh House Hill (4.24mi), across the bridge, following Haigh House Hill onto Kew Hill.
4.78miTurn right onto Lindley Rd
5.17mi Turn left onto and down Blackley Rd
Take proper care on the long blind and pathless right hand bend. In good light take the short cut path
At crossroads, (6.08mi) Regroup
Right onto Broad Carr Ln
6.37mi Continue straight up Station Rd (telling your legs that this doesn’t count as a climb – honest)
At the top (6.66mi), Regroup
Turn right onto Stainland Rd/B6112 and home.

Climb Details
Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Climb 1 Cat 5 0.11 mi/0.74 mi 0.63 mi 276 ft/344 ft 2.0%
Climb 2 Cat 4 1.19 mi/2.90 mi 1.71 mi 328 ft/774 ft 4.9%
Climb 3 Cat 5 3.68 mi/4.14 mi 0.46 mi 771 ft/834 ft 2.6%


Face Plant

On Monday our SL group went out on what I think was a good route.

As we were getting back home, I simply fell on my face. I didn’t see it, of course, but am told it was spectacular. Assuredly the results were. I now have a severely gouged face. As the wet blood solidified into black, the bruising as now begun to swell under my right eye. It is a long way from closed, but is uncomfortable. ey ho.

Swim Set

Our morning group was down to three.

25m Fly + 50m easy
50m fly + 50m easy
75m fly + 50m easy
100m fly + 50m easy
75m fly + 50m easy
50m fly + 50m easy
25m fly
(all + 10s rest)
5x100m IM om 2m broken on 25m with 5s
12x 100m free. All 50m free, second 50m ascending 1 through 4.