It is in fact some time since I was last injured.
I should remember that it always happens when I get silly about what I think I can do.
About a month ago, I was down in Wales helping my son restore a farmhouse. Charged with digging out a floor, I went at it with pickaxe, shovel and wheelbarrow. I did amazingly well.
I haven’t been able to swim full on ever since.
Whenever I swim free or backstroke, I get a clicking in my left clavicle (collar bone).

I have come to the conclusion that it is bust. It can’t be that bust since I can still swim fly and breast stroke, but I will get medacl advice, and come back swimming after christmas.

Favourite (?) Fly set

This allows the longer distances to sneak up on you.

25m Fly +10s + 25m Free easy +10s.
25m Fly +10s + 50m fly + 15s + 50m Free easy +15s.
25m Fly +10s + 50m fly + 15s + 75m fly + 15s + 75m Free easy + 15s.
25m Fly +10s + 50m fly + 15s + 75m fly + 15s + 1100m fly + 30s + 100m Free easy + 15s.
and down again . .
100m Easy free + 20s + 100m Fly + 30s + 75m fly + 20s + 50m fly + 20s + 25m fly + 15s
75m Easy free + 15s + 75m fly + 20s + 50m fly + 20s + 25m fly + 15s
50m Easy free + 15s + 50m fly + 20s + 25m fly + 15s
25m Easy free + 10s + 25m fly + 15s

It is one of those sets where the sense of relief coming down outweighs the horror.

Favourite Current IM Set

We go through phases of enjoying one set at the expense of others. This has proved a reliable constant for the moment:

6 x 25m Fly + 10s
6 x 50m Fly/Back +15s
6 x 75m Fly/Back/Breast + 20s
6 x 100m Fly/Back/Breast/Free + 25s

This works to allow you to give emphasis to any of the strokes by shifting them all round. Thus, to ‘enjoy’ backstroke, you do the same but start with back – the 100s are Back/Breast/Fly/Free.

Another variation would to double the distance while reducing the number of repeats.