Breast Stroke Drill

My breast stroke has become a little liberated over the last month or so. Not fast enough to be noticeable, but it feels better.

I was thinking of asking our guru (Lisa) about how to move the hands, when along comes:—mini-pull.html

A drill experimenting with a mini pull in breaststroke. It looks good, and I will definitely be giving it a try.

Two Blues

A few years ago, we went to Prague. I found swimming in the open air in November surprisingly – brisk.

Novel, to me, was that were were expected to remove shoes before entering the changing room, and to put them back on only on leaving. Well, we are all entitled to one mistake, especially when all notices are in Czeck. The nice thing was that the pool was built in this way. There were ample benches outside the changing rooms to sit down and do the necessary. It was a lovely complex in any event.

Some time later the new pool opened in Brighouse, and, after several months, a similar policy was introduced, and it now operates similarly throughout Calderdale. There was at first a mixture of puzzlement, annoyance and resistance. I think that now the only real issues are ones of forgetfulness.

What did not happen was it being planned for this. The result is that the swimmers remove their shoes and socks, but are then asked to cross the are walked on by those going to the gym. Not a great thing, but unfortunate.

They do provide an alternative to walking barefoot. That is the provision of blue plastic overshoes. I have never tried them, so do not know but they are, I suppose, sensible perhaps for women (or men!) in tights.

What was amusing was watching one lady who arrived to swim. Took off her shoes and put on her own flip flops – fair enough – but then went on to put her outdoor shoes into the blue overshoes. I confess that it looked silly at the time, but I suppose it might assist keeping other clothes clean when everything gets stuffed in a locker.

Overhead sculling

So you thought you had seen everything silly in swimming?

Try this (from the good people at – Overhead Sculling.

Why? It is possible to swim and get somewhere but still to wonder why others go faster. One good reason is that we feel we are connecting with the water, though in reality we are windmilling. This drill will really test your connection with the water and isolate the hand movements necessary to make progress.

Take the invitation to use a pull buoy seriously.