A proper set

At lunchtime we had to returnees, Richard (‘Little Richard’) and Sally.

To celebrate, Lisa brought a rather silly set – 4k. I did what I could . .

(All free)

5x100m off 1m 50s

10x100m off 1m 45s

5x100m kick off 2m 30s

10x100m off 1m 40s

5x100m easy

I have missed some out – but what is left is enough for me.

It was good to work hard for a full hour. It makes a difference. There is not much chat.

It is difficult not to feel that I am getting old, but these are still times I would not have been able to get within 4/5 years ago. I have to feel relatively content.

Swim Set

Our morning group was down to three.

25m Fly + 50m easy
50m fly + 50m easy
75m fly + 50m easy
100m fly + 50m easy
75m fly + 50m easy
50m fly + 50m easy
25m fly
(all + 10s rest)
5x100m IM om 2m broken on 25m with 5s
12x 100m free. All 50m free, second 50m ascending 1 through 4.

Morning Set

After a few days away, I needed a longer swim.
Loo and I swam a 1500m, followed by 10×100 back, mixing 100s kick, pull, drill and swim, then a short swim down.

I had to get out to take my grandson to nursery!

Today’s set

This was a bit of a recovery only.
300 WU
4×400, alternating 400s free and IM.
Drill 50s

I copped out on the IM, going down to 200IMand straight into 200 free.
It has, otherwise, been a hard week.

Favourite (?) Fly set

This allows the longer distances to sneak up on you.

25m Fly +10s + 25m Free easy +10s.
25m Fly +10s + 50m fly + 15s + 50m Free easy +15s.
25m Fly +10s + 50m fly + 15s + 75m fly + 15s + 75m Free easy + 15s.
25m Fly +10s + 50m fly + 15s + 75m fly + 15s + 1100m fly + 30s + 100m Free easy + 15s.
and down again . .
100m Easy free + 20s + 100m Fly + 30s + 75m fly + 20s + 50m fly + 20s + 25m fly + 15s
75m Easy free + 15s + 75m fly + 20s + 50m fly + 20s + 25m fly + 15s
50m Easy free + 15s + 50m fly + 20s + 25m fly + 15s
25m Easy free + 10s + 25m fly + 15s

It is one of those sets where the sense of relief coming down outweighs the horror.

Favourite Current IM Set

We go through phases of enjoying one set at the expense of others. This has proved a reliable constant for the moment:

6 x 25m Fly + 10s
6 x 50m Fly/Back +15s
6 x 75m Fly/Back/Breast + 20s
6 x 100m Fly/Back/Breast/Free + 25s

This works to allow you to give emphasis to any of the strokes by shifting them all round. Thus, to ‘enjoy’ backstroke, you do the same but start with back – the 100s are Back/Breast/Fly/Free.

Another variation would to double the distance while reducing the number of repeats.